Are you interested in hybrid or electric vehicles? Do you want to know more about the benefits and incentives of driving a hybrid or electric vehicle over a gas-powered vehicle? Look no further! Car Pros Honda El Monte offers a selection of both hybrid and electric vehicles that are sure to grab your interest. With both sedan and SUV options, Honda offers the top-of-the-line hybrid vehicles that will meet you and your family's needs.

What are the Honda Hybrid and Electrics models? Learn more about each hybrid and electric vehicle Car Pros Honda offers.

  Honda Accord Hybrid - Enjoy the benefits of the mid-size sedan size (without losing any trunk space) while also getting great gas mileage. The Accord Hybrid's Fuel Economy reaches up to 48 mpg. The Honda Accord Hybrid comes with all of the Honda Sensing Safety Suite features that is sure to keep your family safe while traveling while also performing at the same level as the gas-powered Honda Accord Honda drivers have come to know.


Honda Clarity PHEV and Fuel Cell (FCV) - The benefits of driving hybrid/electric vehicles are numerous and the Clarity Plug-in comes with an extra bonus by being eligible for a $7,500 federal income-tax credit, plus other local and state incentives. This sedan will get you 47 miles of electric driving, then 42 mpg. Safety is key for all Honda vehicles. The Honda Clarity PHEV comes with Honda Sensing Safety Suite to give peace of mind when driving.

  Honda CR-V Hybrid - The hybrid version of the well-known Honda CR-V has recently made its debut. The first SUV of Honda's hybrid line up includes a roomy interior with a great fuel economy of up to 40 mpg. The CR-V hybrid also performs better than the gas-powered CR-V due to the 2.0-liter 4-cylinder engine with an electrified 2-motor system. This SUV is equipped with Honda Sensing Safety Suite in all trim levels. Travel has never been better when you drive the Honda CR-V Hybrid.

 Honda Insight - If you enjoy a smaller, more compact sedan the Honda Insight is the right Honda for you. The hybrid Insight reaches a fuel economy up to 55 mpg in regular city driving while being small enough to fit in those tight city spaces. The Honda Insight is a great vehicle to transition into hybrid driving as it drives more similar to gas-powered models than other hybrid vehicles. Honda Sensing Safety Suite comes standard on the vehicle to ensure that both driver and passengers can feel secure while in the Insight.

Benefits of driving a Honda Hybrid or Electric Vehicle

Save Money

Each time you charge your vehicle instead of filling it up with fuel, you are saving money! The fuel costs are much lower when driving a hybrid or electric vehicle, and the maintenance is less frequent than gas vehicles. Plus, when you drive an electric vehicle you receive tax benefits and great parking perks. 

Better for Our Environment

Driving an electric vehicle is much better for our environment than gas-powered vehicles. The electric motor system is cleaner than other vehicles and produces no CO2 tailpipe emissions. 

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