The professional technicians at the Car Pros Honda El Monte Service Department know the importance of regular service maintenance for your vehicle's overall health. Discover how we can help you keep your Honda running at its best all year long. We are proud to serve our Pomona, Riverside, and Moreno Valley, California neighbors.
Cooling System Service


Learn the importance of having your cooling system serviced regularly.
Diesel EGR Service


Keep your diesel engine running smoothly by ensuring your Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) valve is properly serviced in San, Bernardino, California.
Fuel Injection Service


Avoid decreased vehicle performance with the help of professional fuel injection service for your vehicle.
Ventilation Services


Mold and mildew can build up in your ventilation system over time during regular use leading to offensive odors, reduced air flow, and allergen irritants for passengers and drivers alike. Learn how Ventilation services from the Car Pros Volkswagen Service Department can help!
GDI Fuel System Service


Discover how you can keep your Gasoline Direct Inject (GDI) engine running at its best.
Driveline Service


Avoid premature wear and costly repairs down the road with regularly scheduled driveline service for your Volkswagen.
Power-Steering Fluid Exchange


Power-steering fluid, like any other oil, degrades with time and use and requires regular maintenance. Learn more!
Brake Fluid Exchange


Maintaining your brake fluid is vital to your brake system health. Find out how the service professionals at your local Volkswagen dealership can help you keep your brakes operating at their best.  
Engine Oil Service


Have you ever wondered what makes regular oil changes so important? Watch to learn more!
Automatic Transmission Fluid Exchange


As your automatic transmission fluid breaks down, the protective qualities it provides are diminished and can allow for damaging deposits to form. Watch to find out how you can help keep your transmission in great shape for all of your travels!